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AI and the future we want to build for UX/UI design

February 3, 2023

Explorations about the reach of AI in our field and its ethical implications

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What is an AI and how do you even AI?

As a surprise for no one is a very broad term that can mean different things, but for this talk we can summarize it and say that: Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems.

In any case, usually when we talk about AIs we talk about prompt-based AIs. Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-e and other companies in recent years have developed a type of artificial intelligence that generate images starting from a text.

If you want more detail on how this prompt-base AIs work please watch this video

But do prompt base AI can UI?

Using text prompts you can currently generate interfaces or at least look-a-like interfaces using midjourney or a figma plugin called Ando AI.

Here is something i generated using the prompt:

Modern Website landing page, photos designers talking with developers with clear background, magenta lighting bolt, main color white and some small elements in magenta, web design, ux/ui

Some speculative examples for interfaces in the future

Detect patterns and change the interface 

Show more advanced menus and options to heavy-users or viceversa. Click rage to show help

Use face recognition for interfaces to respond

Detect face expressions to change color or contrast of elements

Analytics self evolving systems

Analytics input can automatically trigger A/B tests and the winner of this results can be also automatically implemented by the same AI.

One thing is certain:
Machines will keep evolving and they will yield better and better results. And we need to start asking questions

This is what we should strive to achieve with AI

How we want our AI to be build?

Following an ethical code like the one we have in other fields or with copyrighted material, non-consensual porn and isis executions.

Why do we need AI in our workflow?

To work less hours and output better results. Or work more hours and allow the companies to hire less designers.

Who will control this AI?

We will have control or a handful of companies will centralize all the control.


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