Best youtube videos of 2018

diciembre 29, 2018

List of the top original productions from the youtube-sphere created by the youtube community. This list excludes all the videos created for other media and then uploaded to youtube, also excludes “one-shots” such as funny cat videos or stuff like that.

So, 2018 gave great things, i made a list of the Best Channels of 2018, the best Channels with not so many followers

The Late Capitalism of Fast Food Twitter

Sarah Z
Please take a few minutes of your life and look at this young lady deconstruct how modern marketing campaigns transform brands into internet personas

The west

Choosing one video to this list from the awesome world that Contrapoints has created on her channel is almost imposible, but i think this video was the one that really balanced all the things i love about her and the thematic is very close to me.

When Did Political Correctness Go Mad?

Georg Rockall-Schmidt
Thoughtful and funny analysis of the political correctness “modern” discourse

Why Does Britain Still Have A Queen?

Philosophy Tube
A-fucking-mazing analysis of the relationship of the british and their royal wifu hahahaha, absolutely brilliant

Horseshoe Theory (VERY IMPORTANT DOCS №9)

Peter Coffin
The only problem i have with Peter Coffin is that he rellies on repeating jokes with characters that are annoying as fuck. But this video is him at his best, singing, being on-point and presenting his ideas in a clear and funny way. (I know this video is from 2017 but i recently discovered)

(and what YOU can do about it)

Jamie Windsor
A mind-bending concept about artistic creation explained in a great manner

How Africa is Becoming China’s China

Wendover Productions
This gave me fuel for many many conversations

Speedrunning Is Awesome, And Here’s Why

Harry is awesome, and his videos are deep, meaningful and extremely funny, but i think this is his best video so far

My Life At Shaolin Temple

This video is great cuz it offers a vision inside a world that everybody knows about but very few have witnessed and lived this expirience in first person, wonderfully narrated and very well edited

How To Animate an 80s Anime Ship

Brace yourself and prepare to be massively mind-blown

I try to get a world record.

Sabrina Cruz
Sabrina is one of my all time favorite youtubers, and it is back with one of the best videos i ever seen period, she is the bomb.

How Is this Mexican Street Sandwich Not More Popular?

Brothers Green Eats
This youtube channel started this series about making from scratch sandwich recipes from all over the world and OMG this dude nails the pueblan cemita, as a mexican i can tell you this was awesome from top to bottom.

We don’t talk about She-Ra

Thought Slime
This video is quite a ride, it teaches you about “framing devices”, it is funny and deeply moving.

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