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Best Youtube channels 2018 (For this nerd)

December 29, 2018

The best youtube channels i’ve discovered in 2018. This is my yearly list, some of them are older channels but i have recently stumbled upon them thanks to the youtube algorithm.

This year i found so many channels that i decided to split my list in two categories. One with less than 80K followers and this list is with the channels with more followers, so enjoy:


This little dude and his little sketches are hilarious! Every second is a masterpiece even though any budget is invested

James Gurney

Great channel of this amazing painter and illustrator where it tells you his secrets on how to draw dinosaurs and a lot more of sweet stuff


Natalie is currently my favorite youtuber, her channel is funny, smart and talks about very important stuff and also has raised the bar in quality both in scripts and high production value for this kind of videos in the youtube platform. Give it a try if your like to know more about social issues, the rise of the modern fascism in internet and more.

Bam Animation

Brent Noll and Maximus Pauso run this channel and if you are interested on getting the best advice from animators currently working in the industry search no more. This channel is a delight and has one of the best production quality i’ve ever seen on youtube.

Sam O’Nella Academy

Describing interesting stuff in a sarcastic, hilarious and poorly drawn is what this channel is all about. Prepare yourself to laugh, learn, cry and laugh some more


Este como el año pasado le dedico un pedacico de la lista a un canal en castellano. Y este año le toca al camarada Cuellilargo, siempre preciso, bien documentado y con temas super interesantes que van desde la migración, los problemas económicos y otros temas sociales.

And last but not least some honorable mentions

  • Baumgartner Restaurarion this channel almost made it to the main list, is a restoration channel and is the most mesmerizing stuff out there
  • T1J one of my rising favourites from the SJW community, great and on-point content
  • Kaplamino is the dream of someone interested in “Heath Robinson” type machines. Marvell upon this intricate motion inventions
  • Joana Rants very funny venezuelan livin’ in the states always complaining to his camera-side-kick

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