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Best Youtube channels 2017 (For this nerd)

December 24, 2017

This year was full of great stuff in youtube so for the second year on a row i am gonna try to write in english about my favourite youtube channels

Alex the french guy cooking

This dude has tons of carisma and talent, runs a ever growing cooking show on youtube and it is brilliant

Lindsay Ellis

This channel is great, you will find great analysis of a plethora of subjects, mainly movies and media. Specially Transformers hahahah


Very neat video essay channel, and this video in specific is great

Antonio Villarán

Este canal es en español, así es que escribiré mi pequeña reseña pitera en español:
Es un canal de arte super interesante, el presentador es muy carismático y explica super bien sus puntos, muy diver y aprendes, así es que genial

Philosophy Tube

Super neat philosophy lessons, with this awesome host from uk

Pop Culture Detective

Amazing channel that analyze and defy preconceptions about masculinity, gender roles and lot more in pop culture media (mainly movies and cartoons)

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