Videos youtube favoritos septiembre 2019

septiembre 4, 2019

One Second From Every Classic Looney Tunes Short (1929 – 1969)

The Boys: Why the TV Adaptation is Better than the Comic

The Erotic Pottery of Ancient Peru

OK – Let’s Tell The Scammer I Already Have The Money

Ralph Bakshi | Animation’s New Wave

Bernie & Killer Mike: 2020

The Weird World of Theatre Bootlegs

The Places Where Music Sounds Best

What if Lizzo’s Truth Hurts was by Mumford & Sons? (ft. Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose)

La voz de los TOP

The Japanese Expeditions to Rome

The Incredibles – Ayn Rand and Objectivism | Renegade Cut

I TESTED Bon Appetit VS Gordon Ramsay’s King Crab Legs

Frank Grimes – The Cult of Work | Renegade Cut

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