Videos youtube favoritos abril 2019

abril 19, 2019

The Matrix: A Different Perspective

The Northern Renaissance: Crash Course European History #3

The World’s Hardest Flexer (with Danny Gonzalez)

Internet Comment Etiquette: “Mandela Effect”

Why I’m a libertarian (……..SOCIALIST)

Necromunda Underhive – Cracking Unboxing

4 PRODUCERS FLIP THE SAME SAMPLE feat. Virtual Riot, Bad Snacks, Sarah the Illstrumentalist

Antique Rusty Micrometer – Precise Restoration

How Lord & Miller Make Bad Movies Good | Spider-Verse Analysis

Destruction Loops | Creating Sounds of Decay and Magnetic Distortion

Internet Comment Etiquette: “Lady-Bots”

De 2017

Clean Line Art! Digital Inking Tips

Towards a Personal Language of Music | Adam Neely | TEDxHSG

Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm

Is Caravan The Hardest Tune to Play on Drums?

The Perfect PokéRap | Unraveled LIVE at PAX East 2019

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