Videos favoritos de youtube 2021 de enero hasta mayo

marzo 14, 2021

The Most Dangerous Woman in America

Corporate Language: Jargon & Buzzwords

Breaking The Rules – The French New Wave | The Cinema Cartography

The Rise and Fall of Prison School

Silicon Valley: History’s Greatest ‘Ponzi Scheme’ (Mini Documentary)

Why do “Corporate Art styles” Feel Fake?

Sprite Analysis | Street Fighter Alpha: A Study of Character Stylization

Wes Anderson and the Follies of Modern Orientalism

How Hard is the Daigo Parry!? Recreating Evo Moment 37!

Why Are So Many People Leaving the Church? (according to the church)

Unknown Actress makes it to the Oscar Roundtable and blows it.

Confucius (or, What to Do When Elites Break The Rules) | Philosophy Tube

I Watched This Racist Movie So You Don’t Have To

MOST realistic T. rex: the New Sue

5 Musicians, 1 Scale – LOCRIAN (ft. Paul Davids, Ben Levin, Nahre Sol and Samurai Guitarist)

Should You Believe YouTubers? — The Liberal Cook

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