Mis videos favoritos de youtube junio 2020

junio 5, 2020

SPICY ONES: Why Are You Choosing Evil?


Money Laundering – A How To Guide for the Modern Global Billionaire

Malcolm X’s Fiery Speech Addressing Police Brutality

How to Solve Cancel Culture (Scientifically Proven Cure)

The Aggression Principle

Death is Illegal

Gun Violence is Never the Answer

Ovejas Eléctricas – Análisis de “El libro negro de la nueva izquierda” (parte 1)

Archery Extreme: Ode To Joy!

Black Panther for Beginners Review [Re-Post]

Making a Printing Press

EnLaFrontera404 – Irantzu Varela, #ElTornillo y la equidistancia

8:46 – Dave Chappelle

How one tweet can ruin your life | Jon Ronson

Liberalism SUCKS | Very Important Docs³⁰

F The World | The Serfs (ft:Thought Slime & Beau of the Fifth Column)

Mikhaila Peterson (Feat. Mexie & Thought Slime)

I Turned this Knife in to a Piece of Art (24K GOLD) – With EPOXY Restoration

Adpocalypse is PROBLEMATIC

What Is Neoliberalism?

Why The Political Compass is Wrong: Establishing An Accurate Model of Political Ideology

YouTube Is Misleading You. Help Us Make It Better.


Gundam Custom Build / During Quarantine

Your Democracy is a Sham and Here’s Why: