Los mejores videos de youtube marzo 2020

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La revolución del Kurdistán y el confederalismo democrático.

Horsehose Theory || Centricide 5

The War Against Female Body Hair

how to ALWAYS win an argument

Periferias 1.1: Los mitos del libre comercio

Mentiras que te contó la escuela sobre Miguel Hidalgo

Electronic Music for ORCHESTRA

Zootopia and the careless allegory – Movies are for the birds

Angie Speaks Interviews “Ideas of Ice and Fire”: The Politics of Fantasy

“miniature “my atelier dollhouse ミニチュアHanabira工房の仕事部屋 Retro (antique) furniture レトロな家具の作り方~

How I Make this Underwater Fish Sculpture using Polymer Clay

Is LGBT History “Fake”?

Anarchism & the Mexican Revolution

“Un día recordarán a Peña Nieto como a Porfirio Díaz”

How To Tell If We’re Beating COVID-19

Guerra: Los primeros 10,000 años

Every Best Animated Feature Winner Ranked

VisualPolitik EXPOSED: The Chile Protests and Pinochet’s Curse | BadEmpanada


Periferias 6: Rojava. La primera revolución del siglo XXI