Mejores videos de youtube 2016

junio 15, 2016

Slow Loris Attack – Computerphile

Why rappers love Grey Poupon

David Hockney: Photoshop is Boring

StarWars BB-8 CSS Speed Drawing

“Mediocre Dude Saves the World” Trope

Why the Wingdings font exists

The One Million Movie Props at The Hand Prop Room

Rihanna’s ‘Work’ Is Not Tropical House

10 Fake Documents That Changed The World

How Far Can We Go? Limits of Humanity

Rapping, deconstructed: The best rhymers of all time

The Simpsons: The Perfect Balance

A Beginners Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Sergio Aragones Draws and Discusses Groo the Wanderer

PONG Played By A Crowd

Why Good Anime Is Hard To Make

The Tragedy of War

The Happiness Experiment.

Cubans Can Throw a Mean Punch

WTF Happened to Movie Posters?

Bias? In My Algorithms? A Facebook News Story

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