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Best Youtube channels 2016 (For this nerd)

December 26, 2016

Iam no authority but i spend lots of time in the good ol’ youtube and i think i can tell the difference between good
and bad home-made stuff. This is the list of the top youtube channels that i discovered this year
(in no particular order) here we go

Georg Rockall-Schmit

Is a cynical english dude with a very sharp eye and sense of humor.
Mainly talks about movies and the current entertainment industry


This dude is the shit, very entertaining and spontaneous talking about anime, truly a wonder kid


Super-polish video essays with very high production value, outstanding edition and meticusly narrated

Adam Neely

The very one bass master from youtube. Great channel for music lovers

Super Eyepatch wolf

The Irish digibro hehehehe, also talks about of anime but with a very distinct twist

Jenny Nicholson

Very on-point rambles about movies and books, with exquisite humor, i love her.


The cutest youtube channel <3. Great humor, weird stuff, clones and much more

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