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In this video we’re going to be talking Doki Doki Literature Club, Dangan Ronpa, and of the Lustrous, and a bunch more.

Let’s Fight a Boss Podcast:
Sound Cloud:
Genius of Dragon Ball Video:

Toko Toko TV:
Yoko Taro:
Daisuke Ishiwatari:
Suda 51:
Austin Eruption:
The Bouncer:
Persona 5:
Odin Sphere:
Animator Expo Anthology:

(linking to the one with me in it, but you should check em all out)
Nathan for you clip (this is just a section of the full episode, I’d recommend watching the full one if you enjoy it, its Season 1 Episode 2)

Song List:
Transition music:
Pool Boy- Shooting Parks
Inner Shrine- Tekken 4 OST
inuyashiki Op
Akira the Wild- Devilman OST
Land of the Lustrous OP
Evil Within 2 Main Theme – Evil Within 2 OST
Streets of Rage 2 Theme- Streets of Rage 2 OST
Danganronpa V3 Opening – Danganronpa V3 OST
Kazuchika Okada Theme – NJPW themes
His Theme (slow Build) – Undertale OST

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