How To Make Flour Tortillas- Easy Recipe

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In this video tutorial I show you how to make authentic mexican flour tortillas. This recipe uses lard (pork fat). Lard is a kitchen staple in my house and I use it in a few different applications- cooking, baking and even soapmaking. Contrary to popular belief, lard is actually healthy and good for you! It is a very rich source of Vitamin D (a necessary fat-soluble vitamin) which is essential for all kinds of things like boosting your immune system, promoting strong teeth & bones, hormone balance, cancer prevention, etc. Humans have been consuming lard for thousands of years and it is a natural and sustainable source of a vitamin many of us are deficient in. It is estimated that 1 tablespoon of lard contains 1000 IU of Vitamin D! So, yes, we eat lard in my home.

•• Cast iron skillet I use:
•• Marble rolling pin:

I suggest you do some more research on health benefits of animal fats like lard from pastured pigs. Here are a few short articles with some info to get you started:

• Top 3 reasons why you should be eating lard:

• Why you need to eat more lard:

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